AC Appliances services

Gas Top Up service

  • Inclusions:

    ✔ Charges mentioned are for Inspection only , Final quotation will be shared after Inspection.

    ✔ Consumables and parts (if used) will be charged extra

    ✔ Warranty on consumables and parts will be as per manufacturer only

    ✔ Access Technician provides a 30 day warranty on the service provided

    ✔ If any repair work is required, a quote will be given before proceeding

    ✔ We strongly discourage direct dealing with our service provider regarding a service booked through Access Technician. All warranty and service assurance in such cases stand null and void

  • Exclusions:

    ✖ Our technicians do not carry ladders. If required, a ladder has to be provided by the customer.

    ✖ We do not provide any warranty on appliances that are older than 4 years at the time of service. Also, Access Technician service provider might deny the service if the appliance is in old or un-repairable condition

    ✖Access Technician does not provide material bills. It will be separately provided by the technician

    ✖ We would not be responsible for any physical damage or missing parts of the appliance that are brought to notice after job completion

  • Procedure:

    > Checking whether the air filters are clean and evaporator / condensor coils are dirt free

    > Check for any obstructions, including buildup of debris on the air handler blower fan and make sure the condenser fan is operating correctly.

    > Conduct a thorough inspection of the AC unit and check for any leakage in the coils

    > Checking of the Pressure On The Gauges

    > Thorough inspection of the AC to check for any leakages in the condenser coils and drain pipeline

    > In case of an internal leakage, Nitrogen test needs to be done to identify location of leakage, charges for which will be extra

    > Recharging of the gas as per requirement


Price per Unit                                           ₹  0.00