General Pest Control

  • Inclusions:

    ✔ Includes: Cockroach control + Red & Black Ant control + Flies control.

    ✔ Do's & Dont's: Allow ventilation while the sprays are used in the house.

    ✔ Do not wipe off gel spots.

    ✔ No Warranty.

    ✔ We offer a warranty of 30 days for Cockroach in single service and 1 year for AMC

  • Exclusions:

    ✖ No Control for Lizards, Rodents, Bedbugs, Termites.

    ✖ No warranty for Mosquitos, flies, lizards.

  • Procedure:

    ✔ Baits such as gel & sprays will be applied and the process will be monitored.

    ✔ It will take around 2 weeks for the results to reflect.


Price per Unit                                           ₹  0.00