Spa Pedicure, Choco Mint Pedicure & More.

  • Inclusions :

    ✔ Single use hygiene care kit to ensure top-notch experience.

    ✔ Includes disposable towel, disposable nail file, napkins & orange stick.

    ✔ Massages are done upto knee only.

    ✔ Beauticians carry the pedicure tub along.

  • Exclusions:

    ✖ Applicable of pack is upto knee only.

  • Procedure:

    > Starts with removal of nail paint

    > Followed by cutting and filing of nails

    > Application of cuticle cream

    > Soaking of feet in warm water

    > Followed by Scrapping, Scrubbing & Massage

    > Pedicure ends with Mask/Pack and Nail paint application


Price per Unit                                           ₹  0.00